Coil manufacturing methods

The purpose of the automatic line is to manufacture the coils with both thermosetting insulation (Resin Rich hot press technology) and dry tapes (VPI vacuum pressure impregnation technology).

Coil manufacturing stages

The first stage > Winding of the blank track

It is performed automatically by the winding machine. The machine is equipped with constant tension system which provides tight winding of the wire and the uniform coil column already after the first stage. The machine can wind up to 10 wires in parallel and has tension and speed control system.



The second stage > taping track-coil with main insulation

It is performed automatically on the insulating machine. Tape constant-tension mechanism and insulating head inclination control mechanism maintain the selected speed, tension and overlap of insulation.



The third stage > Preforming

It is performed automatically by means of the preforming machine. This stage consists in pre-stretching track shape coil into the trapezoid shape and setting the precise coil-end head radius.




The fourth stage > coil forming into the shape of «boat»

It is performed automatically in the molding machine. At the same time, the part is stretched based on all specified geometric dimensions of the coil. By stretching the test section together, the operator can make changes to the program, allowing him to quickly adjust the characteristics of the coil, such as the angular dimensions of the coil, the length of the front parts of the coil and the section as such, the curvature of the head, among other things. After molding, all the coils are identical to each other according to their geometric dimensions.


The fifth stage > The hot pressing of the coils  with thermosetting insulation is performed in hydraulic presses that uniformly heat the coil along its rectilinear part while the precise geometric dimensions are produced through the use of press strips. Each coil is electrically tested using an SKF Baker test bench.

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